In association with "A Million Trees", "Green Modes" & "".

Greetings & Welcome to the "". As you can see above, there is Advertising Space of seventeen "100x100" pixel blocks, those are available to place advertisements. Each block costs $100 and the revenue generated from the advertising will be used to plant trees and to grow the "17 TREES" campaign along with a few more earthly things.

The advertisers will be credited as the promoters in the "17 Trees" film and might be rewarded with $217 for each purchased Ad-Unit within 117 days, most probably in the upcoming planting seasons, around the JULY of 2017.

But, they also have to promise to plant and grow at least one TREE each for every ad-unit after receiving the rewards. To order ad-space, please do visit the "" and order the Ad-Space there. After the payment, you will be redirected to place the advertisement details.

Last but not the least, I sincerely request to plant & grow as much TREES as possible for you & encourage others to do so. And if the mission "17 TREES" inspires you to plant & grow some TREES, then please do so. And if possible, do let me know. And I request to all the Internet users to plant & grow some TREES in the names of Internet and other heavily used websites.

Thank you for stopping by & for your precious time.
Please start planting and encourage others to plant & grow enough TREES.

Thanks A Million.